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The Prince of Style
Comes to Life

Well everyone welcome to a little session with Blake Connorsssssh. I’ve personally known this guys
since his debut in the 6th grade masterpiece “Oliver”. Boy could he carry a high note, and still
can…just give him the mic. Anyways Blake and I kind of started jibbing out on this old buckled board
around 10 years ago and he hasn’t stopped since. Enough blabbering from me, time to enter the life of the
chillest bro out there….synth.


This interview was conducted over the course of two weeks
because the Synth only checks his mailbox when he feels like it.

Q: Name, nicknames, location on planet earth, and shoe size…fo the ladies baby?

A: Blake Connor (Synth, Blackman Withers, Blackus the Great, Bsniff, and Snake). I live in a little Asian town called Carmel Valley. East of Del Mar//////west of yo mama. Full of bad drivers and young posers. My shoe size is as long as my…….. foot/////Im a 10 baby.

SLappIn Thee sHit out oF thAt LIp
Q: How are you doing your part in helping this so ccalled crumbling economy??

A: Im chilling the Wing Wang bros every day. Peace, love, and Gagelta…….my son

Sweet pube fro on this one
Q: Wing Wang….rrright. So what would you say you do in your free time when not wrestling tigers and taming cobras? Do you donate time to homeless shelters and help old ladies cross the street or is that just not on the edge for a wild stallion like yourself?

A: Let myself tell you a little something……. about myself. I enjoy a good old fashioned soap opera at 4:30 in the morning. Helping old ladies across the street is only something i do when i want to get laid. The older ,the better. They call me the silver fox slammer! What kind of question is this anyways? I have already told you too much about my personal life. Now if you would excuse me, I have to get back to a new epiosode of The Young and the Restless……. And little word of advise to all.. Dont do the crime if you cant do the time. I learned that the hard way. And I dont listen to rap………………………


Q: Wait a minute, don’t listen to RAP??? Why the hell not….actually i’m not going to get worked up. Ok now lets get back on track, what is your inspiration behind drawing lines on paper vs drawing line on a wave?? You are probably the most dedicated surfer/artist i know, why not just share a little something about your magical ways?

A: eat a lot of cheerios man.It’s as simple as that. Cheerios before my surf and after. I’ll even be putting some into my new art pieces. Cheerios are 100% natural whole grain oats with 1 gram of sugar. No artificial colors or flavors… Kind of like me. This year, I’m making a commitment to taking better care of myself and it began with my heart. Cheerios! Yay!

Q: Rap music and tip drills or emo butt rock and skinny jeans? be honest because i know the truth buddy….def leopard

A: Well, you already know I dont like rap you big doofus! Dont judge me because I do know how to freestyle down to the next mile! booya! All I can say is Kenny G man. Kenny G. Thank you and I love you.

Shadow Man
Blake came to Fort Bragg to visit me for a week and probably
spent 4 hours a day in this spot…neighbors were pumped
on the free tunes.
Focus, where are you?

Good Night Sweet Prince

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