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190 Bowery Street in SoHo, New York City was purchased in 1966 by a photographer, Jay Maisel. He made so much money on the building’s 300,000 square feet, (that hopefully) he’s never worried about money again. Today, this $35+ million dollar building is regularly covered with new art and graffiti with few complaints from the owner, and for good reason. Some of the sickest artists in the world come to bomb this New York monument, providing much needed inspiration to the owner, I’m sure, and to the rest of the city’s starving artists surrounded by endless corporate sponsored main stream art that is shoved down their throats today in this modern metropolis. Thanks Jay. Your simple lack of action by itself, is the most inspiring to me. A real human being focused on time well spent, finds so much courage and confidence in his own works, that he doesn’t need or want to join Babylon’s simple minded rat race.


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