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In this article i’d like to take a moment to introduce a
special someone. Growing up on the streets of Carmel Valley
is no easy task, one has to be keen to the dangers of surburan
hell. From dodging soccer moms on there cell phone, vibing the east county folk who we love so much, hitting the blockbuster jump without being pulled over, to basically owning Del Mar is right up this mans alley. I know this sort of lifestyle seems privaleged at times but trust me its not, you have to be handy with the steal if ya know what i mean…earn your keep. Without further ado i’d like to introduce Mr. Adam Instone AKA Doof Burger AKA Odom Gorgath AKA Raptor. I’ve known this man since elementary school and boy as he grown up…literally. I think back then i towered over him by about two feet now he’s taller then me…guess i should have surfed more. From crushing weights to crushing lips Adam is in it to win it. Now check out why…
Crawling into a pocket and another
Getting weird …with HIGHlighters
Doof butt Bush babies
Couple little jobs
yeah, holding hands Playing with lights Circa 1994
Odom shot this one of me the other day and of my little stud
Bet ya didn’t know Adam is training for the 2012
Olympic dive team…I was fortunate enough to get
a couple shots during a training session. He really
takes this diving to another level as you can see.
…and the for dismount
wow is he up there
oh boy The face of a true athlete

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