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Lee Selman is ManRabbit, D esigner/ Artist in San Diego, CA


How does the ocean influence you work: expansion, adventure, freedom, always been a fan of christopher columbus’ work.What’s the weirdest gift you have ever received: A stuffed goat from a friend while in Goa, got harassed by a goat herder from the Sudan who thought it was destiny that we met and we should marry. He went with me everywhere, even stood outside the bathroom. I got it all the way back to the states, then my cattle dog chewed it up, all except the head with its horns. I should have had it mounted.Are you a nerd: frequently. I usually say things unintentionally at the most inappropriate time and offend some race, creed or religion. I like going to the VA hospital with my husband and asking all the older vets “so what war did you fight in?” and get some great conversations out of that one. See a vet, thank a vet.Where/ when can we find you: home with the dogs and hubby.What is your favorite burrito spot, or cocktail, or cereal: How about cocktail experience: mojitos on a sultry day in a Cuban bar. Love the Pearl Hotel for movie night and margaritas. I think that first sip of cold beer is down right orgasmic.Lets talk about your artwork. What is the goal of your work : to make stuff that feels good that I feel like putting out there. Capisce.If interested in Lee’s work, please visit her website, www. ManRabbit on ETSY.   Thank you Lee

Where did you grow up: in a trailer park in Albuquerque New Mexico, Jade Park to be exact. It was a strange mix of white trash and cholas harassing you when you got off the school bus. We had a couple strange looking albino sisters that everyone was afraid of. Rode a lot of skateboards, and dirt bikes. life in a trailer park has an endless array of stories.

What question would you ask your favorite artist: documentary photography is my favorite medium, my favorite being James Natchwey, I would ask him what he does for fun and how greatly is he affected by what he sees.

What historical character do you most resemble: a Paleo Thylacine

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