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Answer the Numerical Questionnaire

When you use your Surf Journal to document a personal surf experience,’s Surf Forecasting Model applies the numerical questionnaire within each journal entree to that entree’s corresponding historic oceanic data. The Forecasting Model then monitors future data, and determines where and when you should expect the best conditions, every hour, for every surf spot documented in your Journal.

The Numerical Questionnaire Asks “How Much Fun You Had”

When you write a journal entry, the Forecasting Model asks you “How Much Fun?” you had during the session under the Fun Level: on a scale from 1 to 10.


1-VERY BAD= I didn’t paddle out, it was so bad

2-BAD= I went out, but I didn’t catch a fun wave at all

3-FUN= I caught one fun wave

4-FUN= I got 2-3 fun waves

5-FUN= I had fun, caught some fun ones, but I still want more when I’m done

6-GOOD= The surf was good, and I had a great time

7-GOOD= I am satisfied, couldn’t ask for more

8-GOOD= I was impressed with session

9-VERY GOOD= Basically Perfect, I can’t remeber the last time I felt this good

10-EPIC= What I just experienced changed my life forever

Our Model then monitors available forecasted oceanic data, and determines where and when you should expect the best conditions every hour, for each of your surf spots. The more Journal entries with Numerical Questionnaires you submitt in your Journal, the more accurate the Forecasting Model becomes.

TWJ will help any wave rider consistently find better waves for their own personal abilities, making the user’s surf experience as enjoyable as possible.

The Wave Journal’s Surf Forecasting Model is free, and all information is kept private. Love,

Once signed up at, users begin to complete an online, 2-minuete questionnaire and journal entry after every surf session.

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