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No one over 35 years old should read this article because their life is over. Their perspective is not to live, but to survive. They are too old to change themselves, let alone change any system they have built their lives to depend on. The youth are the free thinkers, innovators, have no responsibility, and do all the hard work.

Thank you,

The Wave Journal

In life, we all have short-term and long-term ups and downs. We want to feel good all the time but it is impossible. Some of us settle for more than others, but there are too many problems in our daily lives and in the world for us to make clear decisions that will help us feel better, longer, and not at another’s expense. The answer is simple. Spend your money intelligently.

This is assuming we as a generation can already agree that we are all one group, religion, species. No one still thinks their religion is the only true religion. No one believes our institutions always do what is best for the individual, and no one trusts the main stream media.

By spending your money on things you need from people you trust, you will live a fulfilling life. Forget yoga. You want peace, only buy products from companies that are currently using fair business practices. This includes the food you eat. Watch a fucking documentary, Jesus Christ.

Stop taking advice from the people who’s answer to everything is Money or even a Job. Look how un-happy it got them. These are people over 35 years old usually.getajob

If you are worried about your appearance, or have a chip on your shoulder because your tiny dick makes you feel inadequate, then this will not work. You are a simple mind, and you will follow the rest of us to enlightenment. We will make it easy for you.

If your concern in life is a flashy car, or a new pair of tits, and you are willing to work for years doing something you don’t like in a place you don’t trust with people you have to get paid to be around, then you are an asshole. If you want these things and they are given to you, then you are idiot, and I don’t know how you found this article. You have to be retarded to have all the money, time, and health in the world, and you volutarily decide to to waste them in traffic jams and hospitals. Get Laid. Get barreled.

If you need to get laid, then lower your expectations. Don’t throw the rest of your life away in a cubicle. Plus when you work to live life to the fullest, and not live to work, you have all the interesting experiences, and meet other interesting people. That will get you laid without wasting your youth.laid

Capitalism is the perfect democracy when the individual remembers to cast their dollar votes accurately. Fuck voting. Corporations in Capitalism worship the Dollar. If Governmet is controlled by The Corporations, then when we control the Corporations with our spending, we control both. So spend your money wisely and both the world (and your daily life will accommodate to your demands for happiness as a consumer.)

Questions for the Elite

Some Rockefeller once said,”Who cares about The People? Take care of yourself, and just take care of your family.”

So when the world is tired of the Elite ruling the world , and revolts, what is your plan to protect your family from the world?

Keep the public dumb forever, and keep existence in limbo, with no new (advancements?)

Kill most of us with bombs and poisons?

Keep civilizations on their knees and end all progress and invention untill you slowly run out of resources and have to leave the planet?

Any Elite’s grand-kids are going to be upset with what the elite’s plan has in store for them. They want what everyone else wants, happiness. They don’t want to fear the public’s enlightenment, don’t want to leave the planet they are from, and are lazy inbreeds, since they all come from a small incestuous pool of the wealthiest 1%.

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