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Anyone who thought that they were doing something fun and exciting on Saturday, 4-24-10, well have a seat because i bet you weren’t chillin in Chicano Park with some sick vatos, fried pig skins, pit bulls, and slammed low riders… Ahhh what life away from the beach will show you. Events like this renew our appreciations for TRUE San Diego culture. Most of these familias are 5th generation locals and older. They know what San Diego is, and they know what it was before we thought we ruled the beaches. Even with all the negativity behind the infamous Chicano Park underneath the Coronado Bridge, it was a very comfortable surrounding with our neighbors. It was a type of family reunion. A family where we are all here together, loving the life we’ve chosen in San Diego, California.

my favorite paint job in the show

not exactly glen park

its all in the shades

row of low riders

so sleepy

so hard

home boys wear plaid too

nice little mural

is this kid a cartoon or what?

hot little mamacita

isn’t that the truth

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