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A couple months back my sister and i were chatting about stuff siblings chat about and got to talking about how badly we both wanted to go to San Francisco. Next we realized that we hadn’t done anything together in quite some time so why not go for a little adventure to the great city of SF. So we got a hotel room, picked up a flight, and shot up north for a long weekend full of art, food,cool stores, some interesting people. The thing about this city is everyone has a quarky personality and isn’t afraid to voice there opinions…the way it should be. One night while waiting in this mile long line for what was supposedly the worlds best ice cream this middle aged man came walking down the street shouting through a microphone about how retarded everyone was for paying $5 for a scoop of frozen cow milk when you could by a whole carton for half the price, kind of agreed with him to be honest. Things like this are what make this city so damn fun and different from the rest.

Off the bart and into jaws mouth

She sure was worked up over this one….can i have a dollar?


Clare Rojas exhibit at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art…such rad work.



Random window we walked by full of little monsters

Its always sick stumbling upon a Banksy

Super into this print

Cute little indian child at the coffee shop

Couple Ferris Plock pieces from this little clothing shop

Found Swoon in the alley behind closed doors. she has a huge installation at the museum of contemporary art SD right now def worth checking out

Old school jeremy fish…man has he come a long way over the years

Beth’s shoulder boners

We happened to see a poster for a Tommy Guerrero show at this venue which happened to be a Levi’s print shop….such a inspiring little place

Prints freaking everywhere….

and everywhere

I think these are block print letters but i could be wrong, they just looked super industrial fun to play with

Beth and I enjoying some weird Tequila drinks under the moon

Tommy Guerrero and his group of jammers

Found a San Diego guy who walked a simular path…anyone know who this dude is??

Loaded to the bone and happy as honey

Man of the year


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