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Misty Mountains
The Desire to Get Away


So a couple weeks ago after a long day of dereling off i realized
how much i need to step out of the concrete jungle and into some
nature…something we have little of in SD. I know this place is great in
almost everyway but sometimes you just need to get wet and dirty.
So I basically loaded my tundra with camping gear, my black beauty,
satsumas, loads of music, and decided to jam up the northern section of
this great state. Now i originally had no where to stay, no plans,
no expectation and was thrilled as hell. Here are a couple pictures
i shot along the way….enjoi
Stayed in this house up in the hills with my buddy Jordan
for three days…cold, wet, two hair balls, and absolute solitude
Greenfield Ranch showing off Little water trickle
This was another angle from behind the house Breakfast from the yard ….dinner
Jordan and I went for a little drive to find some waves….100 miles
later we found this little big nugget.
Then and even better one down the road, sorry no pictures
I think i saw the chef sprinkle some chem trail dust
on these little wings, he didn’t seem to mind
no one in site
Made it to San Francisco…figured it was a good place to find some
creative inspiration not to mention a place to party for New Years
El Mac installation at Upper Playground Gargoyle with bling
This was a sick door to a bum village, honestly. When i walked by
this scary black toothed lady popped out of this hole in the door
and asked me if it was still time for breakfast.
This wall blew me away sick peeeeeesh
Not sure who the artist is but i dig it Went to Upper Playground for the Herbert Bagilone show Big Boy
Ran into some old friends and demon slayers Christmas tree in a diaper Kind of a weird little thing to hang from your store front
wouldn’t ya say
This one was waiting for the bus huh, i wonder what goes on in there???? Is that Z lo
Oh yeah Yong and I scored some sick little beach break a couple
days in a row
Shot out the window on my drive back south

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