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Eco-friendly Shapes and Designs from SOLID Surfboards, San Diego, CA


Dan O’Hara is a surfboard shaper who has been shaping boards since he was 18 years old, growing up in the earth-friendly surf culture of San Diego, California.  He now shapes for a living using the most environmentally friendly materials available with SOLID Surfboards,

High Definition Rice Paper Inserts with designs from T-Bone

In partnership with, who helps Dan re-use recycled polyurethane blank scraps, SOLID Surfboards are made from and with non-virgin and bio plastics, low VOC Epoxy, and hand foiled fins and fiberglass made from bamboo.  SOLID Surfboards are so “Green,” that their construction was voted the Top ECO-friendly Board from the 2009 Rob Machado/ Green EXPO in Cardiff By the Sea, CA.

Barracuda-Gears Artworks by TJ Tuthill-  The DisFish – The Butter Knife

Growing up in a place like San Diego has given Dan a variety of surf spots to shape for.  Our reefs and beach breaks can all demand something different in a board, and so SOLID Surfboards offers many classic, modern, and redesigned shapes to accommodate.

Rocket SUP, Old’s Cool, and The Boomstick

We get surf around here, but often it’s not enough, so having a board with something extra always helps.  Come explore some of his sculptured ideas that make SOLID Surfboards different from the rest.

Some sick shots of their riders…

Sean Bernhardt

Max Young

Chris Rempe

Charlie Porter

Ashely Russell

New to the crew, Julien Fillion, Charging at Peahi


EPS 6-Channel for Paul G. in St. Croix

“Barracuda” 4-Channel High Performance Fish

Big L Rest in Peacez, Custom Cisco Kid Squash for Ross in NJ, art by Lauren Elyse of Mess Loves Noise

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