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Summer was here and gone like a gust of wind…well at least mine. I decided to take some time away from the chaos of San Diego life this July and head to the mountains and enjoy some piece and quite. At first what started off as being a two week trip turned into 28 days of pure bliss.

I mean sure, i missed the traffic, tourist, crowded beaches, and unusual Southern Cal gloom but all in all i think i made the right decision, wouldn’t you say? The trip wasn’t all fun and games i was mostly up here to remodel a deck with my buddy Mike. I don’t know how but we did manage to work in between all the hiking, paddling, tennis, eating as much as possible, laughing, drinking, etc. All in all it was one hell of a trip but i’m ready to go back to reality and get back into the salty ocean with the bros.

The soup we made from scratch that cooked for something like 30 hours….too long. So good though

Mike getting weird with my dog

This little guy got in a fight with a piece of decking and lost

Mr. Eye boogers chillin

Tahoe graffitti scene….ahhhh??

For some reason the coffee just isn’t quite worth it

Emerald Bay early morning

My aunt and uncle all smiles…and weird faces

My sis relaxin

Headed to Ukiah to visit a buddy, he built this George Greenough boat from scatch. Thing is insane

Local Ukiah artist. This guy crushed up pastels and mixed them with water and just covered the sidewalks with his paintings. No one cared because once it rained they’d wash away. Pretty cool way to get your work out there without being arrested.

I liked this one eventhough its kind of fading

Damn, i just missed The Lost Boys…Nor Cal has all the good music.

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