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Meandering up
to the
Land of Giants


our Love
June this and June that is all i’ve been hearing this winter from my mountain friends so it
only seemed apropriate to venture up to see what all the babble was about. To me what
seemed like a perfect week of snow mixed with sunshine, back country tree chopping, satellite sliding,
and beering at the first bar in North America (so they claim) was nothing more then an average week
for these boys. The views were insane the riding was even better…oh yeah, and if you think
Mammoth Mountain has better riding well you’re right, or are you?(Please use this article as proof that the world around you is happening, and you might want to get out there… Before you go insane)




Started the trip with the fam in Tahoe

Dad, beth, matty lovin the conditions
Duma getting into some flesh
after we deprived him of
attention all day


Misty morning off the Lake
off to June…down Kingsbury Grade


Mr. Business on land
(not bummed)

…and in the air
(for the children)
Took the boys for a little summit hike


Adam Arnold This Young Buck
owns the dish…as
you can see
so fired up,
all the time.
both feet out tail press

Beautiful Bareness

Wrecking the wrecking ball

freestyle snow diving


(notice the limp wristed style) I like this one oh boy

Michael aka ‘fo free’ Biddick


Tuck and Roll(glide)
Bobford…up there


badass duudes
Another summit for the little guy Adam finding a place out
of the wind
A little burning on the way back
down south(Alwayz)


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