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Start Your Online Surf Journal                    CLICK HERE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT

Our free surf journal helps you privately record everything about your surf sessions by doing the data collecting for you.

Most journal entries every month wins


1. Create a private Account.      zzzz

2. zzzzzzWhen it takes you to complete your Profile, click on the nearest beach to your house using the map, and then push UPDATE.  The rest we will come back to later.


3.zzzzz Create the Board you just surfed.  You only have to create a Board once, then choose from your Boards the next time you write a journal.


4.zzz Create the Surf Spot you surfed. You only have to create a Surf Spot once, then you can choose from your Surf Spots the next time you write a journal.  First name your Surf Spot, and drag the map to find where you surfed, and click on the reef or sandbar inside the map, and push CREATEpromo4

5.zzCreate a New Journal entry

Choose from the scrolldowns of your Boards and Surf Spots. Tell your Journal where, what, and when you surfed, and the Journal instantly grabs the applicable oceanic data from the closest available buoys.  Review and edit your sessions from any computer, forever, using our secure, private, simple, and accurate online surf journal.


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