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French people are funny, especially this young man named Antoine Martinet aka Mioshe. In the beginning he thought all Americans are gluttonous pigs. We don’t wear speedos to the beach. We don’t know how to just relax and indulge in normal conversation. We are loud drunken messes that don’t know how to enjoy a simple glass of wine and plate of cheese. Well at least thats what he thought prior to meeting me and my buddy down in Nicaragua. The truth is that we probably would have eaten like pigs but there just wasn’t enough food in town to fill our huge food deprived belly’s. After a couple days we ended up having a great time with him and his brother. We laughed nonstop, made fun of each others shower habits, and got big big baaaarrells…well not exactly. With all the down time we had he managed to bust out some sick drawings. One day he even got the chance to paint the side of one of the restaurants as you can see above which really put a huge silver plated smile on the owners face….seriously she had a grill. oh yeah check out his collective back in france.

Mioshe…didn’t exactly like our tasty american candy very much

three are better the two

Antoine said trou wine is something Americans can’t appreciate…of course we can.

I think this is what they call stretching in France…with your brother.

ah brotherly love (incest is best)

i like that island on the left, looks familar

our deck

oh yeah we did manage to get some surf while down in this beautiful country…big big baarrels

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