"Our mission is to increase the amount of fun we can have in the ocean."

Erik L. Hardtke and Henry Linscott are Palm Boards, out of Cardiff By the Sea, CA.  These watermen have been creating in Cardiff and it's surrounding areas for years.  They are the people who turn their ideas into realities, and so they started their home-grown hand-board company earlier this year.  Palm Boards are the highest quality hand boards for body surfers you can find.  Check out their additions to classic, fundamental hand shapes.
They prefer adding to their Hand Board templates, and "try to build whatever looks fun," Henry says.  "Our mission is to increase the amount of fun we can have in the ocean."
Channels, swallow tails, cut-aways, a little bottom concave, and sexy curves are all combined to make a hand gun even a grom would love.
their models seen below, and if you have questions or want one, contact them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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+1 #7 yes 2010-08-11 03:42
+4 #6 Hank 2010-07-16 01:34
Thanks for the positive response! If anyone would like to purchase a Palm Board shoot me an email at PalmBoards@gmai l.com or contact us through our Facebook page.

We want everyone and anyone to come join us for some body surfing and try out the different shapes. I'll post updates on where we will be on our Facebook page and on twitter. You can fallow us at twitter.com/PalmBoards.

Get in the water!
+5 #5 thirtysevenclick 2010-07-15 23:32
In person, they're so much better than the other models out there. These things are going to explode...
+4 #4 CW 2010-07-15 17:09
Nice... handmade and local, where can we pick up one of these.
+4 #3 Jibb Festers 2010-07-15 01:50
hell yeah, those are sick....i want one
+3 #2 brian chase 2010-07-14 23:22
wow! these are so coooool what a great idea
+5 #1 sean kudlow 2010-07-14 23:14
those are sik i need to get me one of those, now for which one to pick?

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